When Doing Circles: Do I Really Turn?

Knot Just Yarn Blog

A fan on our Facebook, Ricky, is stumped by a pattern he’s run into. It’s a slipper pattern.

“I am crocheting some slippers from a pattern. In the pattern you chain 47 and join with a slip stitch… I worked round 1 and then at the end it says to turn… How do you turn something you have joined into a ring.”

Ricky’s question is really important as it addresses three issues crocheters, who may be unaware may have.

I whipped up the above diagram for Ricky’s question to give a visual look to why you may want to turn your circle or round projects.

Why would you turn?

In this project above, I am working in the round.

  • Notice the blue area… It looks completely different with a different elevation. It appears sunken in, which it is.
  • From the centre to the start of the blue, I completed…

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