Evolution of The Crochet Hook: Let’s Compare

Knot Just Yarn Blog

This is a topic that tends to be very controversial due to the price points of crochet hooks, materials and designs. You may agree or disagree with my findings. The point to this article is to expand your knowledge on the differences. I’m not sponsored to exclusively use a Crochet Hook in my teachings, this means I can be objective and share my honest point of view.

Steel, Resin & Plastic Crochet Hooks

For about 20 years, I used a plastic or resin crochet hook. For me, this decision makes sense as this dates before online shopping and my local retailer only had this as an option.

To date, I have never broken a resin crochet hook. They are fairly strong and reliable. One thing that irritated my thumb on this hook is that the size of the hook is moulded at the thumb area. Many think it’s great to…

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