Summer Long Challenge – Question & Answer

Knot Just Yarn Blog

Many fans have sent me messages on the same topic.

“Mikey, seeing the Summer Challenge you are allowing different size afghans for the challenge, you should separate the afghans into different sizes of categories and have a prize for each size. Would you consider doing this to make it more fair?”

In being summer and choosing the afghan, I wanted our summer to be fun and relaxing. Cathy and I had discussed, in length, about the option of allowing the summer afghan to be more free to crochet creativity. Allow the fans to decide the afghan size they wish to do.

With some patterns in crochet, just because the designer suggests you should do a certain size, many of us usually customize our afghans to suit our own personal wants. I call that “Crocheters Choice”!

Usually for our challenges, there is only 1 mega prize at the end. In…

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