Sizing Your Projects with The Tennessee Stitch

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Has this happened to you?

You’ve just finished a project.  Congrats and celebrations are in order!  YAY!!  You’ve put down your hook and you hold up your completed work.  Something doesn’t quite look right.  You look back at the pattern and all is well.  Then you take a look at the picture of how the project is supposed to look.  AHA!  What you made is bigger than it is supposed to be (or maybe its too small).

This happens more often than not!  Take a breath and relax.  Let me share with you why this happens.

Understanding Hook Sizes & Yarn Labels

Using the correct hook size will make the end result of a project more desirable and keen to the eye.  When you look at a pattern, at the beginning, there is a treasure chest of critical information:

  • Types of yarn needed
  • Colors of yarn needed
  • Amount of yarn…

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