Debate with Daniel and I over Crochet Pattern Usage

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Daniel and I have been talking a lot about patterns.

The question revolves around pattern books and magazines that have adult clothing inside. I see a lot of great designs but I am wondering how many people are actually going to grab a crochet hook and do the project?

Mikey’s Thoughts:

  • I am of the belief that many people enjoy looking at the photographs but the chances of doing the patterns are highly unlikely here in North America when it comes to adult clothing. I feel the percentage of people who do the patterns for adult clothing is really low.

Daniel’s Thoughts:

  • Daniel feels that my thoughts are based in North American principles of lack of time and value. He feels that the patterns of adult clothing is most likely to be done by a European, Chinese, and Middle Eastern individual. There are stronger in cultural values which help keep…

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My Vivid Blanket

Tin Can Knits


I knew as soon as I saw Emily’s first square I would have to knit a Vivid Blanket. It was just so pretty, a lacy flower framed by squishy garter stitch. Like little pictures put together in a beautiful blanket. I wanted to put my own little spin on it of course (we are knitters, it’s what we do right?) with a greeny-blue colour palette and white borders to tie it all together.


The Yarn ::: While I wish I could take credit for the amazing colour combo in this blanket (if I do say so myself) it is a palette designed by Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts. She has put together kits of her Yellow Label DK yarn in carefully considered and beautiful TFA Color Palettes. This one is her ‘Signature Pallette’ and I was in love right away! Although I also have my eye on…

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Summer Long Challenge – Question & Answer

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Many fans have sent me messages on the same topic.

“Mikey, seeing the Summer Challenge you are allowing different size afghans for the challenge, you should separate the afghans into different sizes of categories and have a prize for each size. Would you consider doing this to make it more fair?”

In being summer and choosing the afghan, I wanted our summer to be fun and relaxing. Cathy and I had discussed, in length, about the option of allowing the summer afghan to be more free to crochet creativity. Allow the fans to decide the afghan size they wish to do.

With some patterns in crochet, just because the designer suggests you should do a certain size, many of us usually customize our afghans to suit our own personal wants. I call that “Crocheters Choice”!

Usually for our challenges, there is only 1 mega prize at the end. In…

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Evolution of The Crochet Hook: Let’s Compare

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This is a topic that tends to be very controversial due to the price points of crochet hooks, materials and designs. You may agree or disagree with my findings. The point to this article is to expand your knowledge on the differences. I’m not sponsored to exclusively use a Crochet Hook in my teachings, this means I can be objective and share my honest point of view.

Steel, Resin & Plastic Crochet Hooks

For about 20 years, I used a plastic or resin crochet hook. For me, this decision makes sense as this dates before online shopping and my local retailer only had this as an option.

To date, I have never broken a resin crochet hook. They are fairly strong and reliable. One thing that irritated my thumb on this hook is that the size of the hook is moulded at the thumb area. Many think it’s great to…

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Crochet Granny Classic AfghanPattern

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I was reminded a few moments ago by Janette, a fan on our Facebook Community Page, about the value of scrap yarns.

She made a wonderful Corner to Corner Afghan using scrap yarns and it really touched my heart.

I think some people, including me, get trapped into the thinking that everything has to match or look just perfect. A scrap granny afghan has it’s own beauty if we look at it from that point of view.

Today, I have found you a free pattern called Crochet Granny Classic Afghan.

It’s an easy project for most crocheters and it may just let you hammer through some of that yarn stash you might be hoarding in your secret hiding places.

For more free inspiration and ideas, please visit my website at The Crochet Crowd.

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When Doing Circles: Do I Really Turn?

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A fan on our Facebook, Ricky, is stumped by a pattern he’s run into. It’s a slipper pattern.

“I am crocheting some slippers from a pattern. In the pattern you chain 47 and join with a slip stitch… I worked round 1 and then at the end it says to turn… How do you turn something you have joined into a ring.”

Ricky’s question is really important as it addresses three issues crocheters, who may be unaware may have.

I whipped up the above diagram for Ricky’s question to give a visual look to why you may want to turn your circle or round projects.

Why would you turn?

In this project above, I am working in the round.

  • Notice the blue area… It looks completely different with a different elevation. It appears sunken in, which it is.
  • From the centre to the start of the blue, I completed…

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